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bolt farm treehouse

Last week, Kyle and I escaped the rain in Nashville to visit one of our new favorite cities, Charleston! We loved Charleston’s colorful buildings, yummy food and sweet southern charm. Although getting out of the rain and eating our weight in biscuits was a nice perk to our vacation, the real reason behind our trip was to check out the amazing treehouses on Bolt Farm! Have you heard of these? The bass guitar player from the band NEEDTOBREATHE, Seth, and his wife Tori, built luxury treehouses in South Carolina, just 30 minutes from downtown Charleston. Their motto is live like kings, play like kids – and that is exactly what we did!

Kyle and I stayed in the Living Room and immediately felt like we were stepping into a dream. You can easily see that the architecture and interior décor was thoughtfully planned out; creating a cheerful vibe throughout the entire treehouse. Every decoration, utensil and plant sits right where it's supposed to. The most magical, eye-catching aspect of the treehouse is the 2-story window wall overlooking mossy oak trees and a peaceful creek. The window is perfectly placed so that you can watch colorful sunrises from the comfort of your stylish, cozy bed. Other amenities include a fireplace, telescope for star gazing, a record player with an assortment of classic records, and my personal favorite touch – community coloring books! Kyle’s favorite part of the treehouse was the green wall filled with live plants.

Once you’re ready for a change of scenery, head outside to the deck where you’ll find outdoor showers, a pizza oven, grill and covered patio. If you're feeling a little sleepy or you want to lounge, head downstairs to the covered hanging bed filled with fluffy pillows and a warm, fuzzy blanket. We felt like the hanging bed was perfect for reading, writing or taking naps!

Here are a few photos!

One of the best parts about staying here was the intentional time we spent disconnecting from our phones, work, etc. and connecting with each other. There are no TV’s and no Wi-Fi in the treehouses. If you MUST have Wi-Fi you can pay extra for it. The folks at Bolt Farm encourage you to embrace stillness and rest. Kyle and I took pictures, played Yahtzee, drank wine, read, napped, journaled, dreamed and schemed. If you’re like me, the busyness of everyday life can feel overwhelming sometimes. Not at Bolt Farm. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I can’t tell you the last time I spent an entire 2-3 days away from technology. Staying at the treehouse helped me recharge spiritually, physically and emotionally, and candidly, I didn’t know how much I needed to slow down until our stay here.

Another perk of staying in the treehouse was taking photos with Logan Simmons! Kyle surprised me with a photo shoot since we haven’t had professional photos taken since our wedding. Logan is SO sweet and talented. She went out of her way to accommodate us, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire shoot. If you’re near Charleston and need photos – Logan is your girl!

We ended our stay with a goodbye from Tori and Jared, the General Manager. They were incredibly kind and truly went the extra mile to make us feel valued.

Kyle and I are grateful for our time at Bolt Farm, and for the helpful reminder to slow down and disconnect more often. We are back in Nashville ready to implement more Yahtzee and wine time, coloring, and less time on our phones. If you have any questions about our stay, please feel free to reach out!

Love y’all!


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