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Mandy Johnson

Wife, Mom, Coach

Mandy Johnson is a writer and speaker with a passion for encouraging women in their faith. When she’s not changing diapers or folding onesies for her little guy Luke, she’s sitting at her kitchen table with a pen in her hand or a keyboard at her fingertips. And coffee, lots of coffee.


Born and raised in Florida, Mandy became familiar with water at a young age. She began swimming competitively at the age of 6, and eventually earned a scholarship to swim long-distance events at Clemson University. She majored in Business Management and earned a minor in Communication Studies. And truth be told, she graduated by the skin of her teeth.


After college, Mandy moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work for a marketing agency. She quickly realized the corporate life was going to be challenging for her, but she pressed on. After getting married and sharing her passion for writing with her husband, Kyle, she finally faced the reality that she needed to stop chasing the wind and start chasing her dreams of becoming a “real” writer.


In 2018, thanks to Kyle’s support and nudging her to get out of her comfort zone (more than she ever asked for), Mandy stepped away from the corporate world to pursue writing full-time. Kyle knew she was a real writer all along.


Mandy has since had her work published by Proverbs 31 Ministries, Daughter of Delight, and the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). Her big, scary dream is to write and publish books, and she’s working each day to have one in your hands soon.


Mandy wants you to know she’s grateful for you and hopes you'll stop by again soon!

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