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what does Jesus' birth mean to you?

When you close your eyes and imagine the night of Jesus' birth, what comes to mind? Is it the typical nativity scene you see on display outside of your local church? Do you think of the Precious Moments nativity set? Or does it look a bit different? After reflecting on our Rediscovering Christmas scripture this week, I felt touched by the verses in Luke 2. These are the words that paint the picture of Jesus’ birth; a scene filled with light, hope and prophecies fulfilled. The moment the world gained its Messiah, and forever changed the lives of many.

You and I most likely experience Jesus in different ways, which is part of why I love Him. He isn’t a cookie cutter kind of God; He is attentive, loves us uniquely and knows our nuances. As I’ve processed the scripture in Luke 2, I can’t help but think about this question:

What does Jesus’ birth mean to you?

I’m going to step out and go first in answering this question. Not because I want you to think I’m super holy or righteous, but to encourage and challenge you to sit with this question and honestly answer it for yourself.

Here’s what his birth means to me.

Jesus’ birth means I can cling to hope. I am never, ever alone. His spirit fuels me with resilience and strength when my mind, body and soul are tapped out. I am cradled in his hands; protected, even when I don’t feel it. His birth means I can love boldly. His birth means fear has no place in my life. His birth means I have a friend all of the time. I have community. I have life. I have peace. I have the ability to show His grace and forgiveness when my flesh wants to do the opposite. I don’t have to fear death because on the other side I get to run into His arms. I can have lasting joy. Jesus’ birth means I am free.

So, what does Jesus’ birth mean to you? If your answer looks nothing like mine - that's okay! As you reflect on Luke 2 and all of the verses included in our reading plan, I hope you feel compelled to lean in. The Lord wants Jesus’ birth to mean something positive and life-changing to all of us; yet not for His gain, but for ours.

Love y’all.


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