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keep being kind

Big Takeaway: Keep being kind on the top of your mind.

When Kyle and I were on a flight recently, I stood up from my seat to go to the bathroom not knowing one of my shoelaces was untied. At eight months pregnant I can only see so much past a certain point, you know?

As I wobbled my way down the narrow airplane aisle, a kind older woman with short grey hair waiting in the bathroom line in front of me noticed my undone shoelace.

“Ma’am, your shoelace is untied,” she said with a smile in a soft, gentle tone of voice.

Great, I thought.

In full transparency, I would have rather taken my shoes off and walked around the plane in my socks than put myself through the discomfort of bending down and around my belly to tie the loose lace. My bladder was tormenting me, and when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Her innocent observation had me all sorts of annoyed in just a few quick seconds.

However, what happened next reminded me of what matters when it comes to our faith.

The older woman asked if she could tie my shoelace for me.

She slowly knelt down on one knee, held my white shoelace with her wrinkly hands, and tied it into a bow. Her gesture may not sound like a big deal, but it was an eye-opening reminder I needed, and maybe you need as well.

As Christ-followers, showing (not just thinking about) kindness is a calling on our lives. (Ephesians 4:32)

We can easily get tunnel vision, looking at each day through the lens of personal boxes to be checked and tasks to be completed, messes to be cleaned and bills to be paid. But Jesus didn’t operate with that kind of tunnel vision on earth. He was willing to pivot to show kindness to all people.

Simply put, Jesus kept being kind on the top of His mind. If our goal is to represent Jesus, shouldn’t we aim to live the same way?

Friend, if you’re like me and you need a faith check from time to time, I hope this kind woman’s actions serve as an encouraging reminder to look around a little more this week. If you see someone in need, don’t just point out their problem, show kindness to them. (Galatians 5:13)

Hold a door for someone with full hands. Tell your spouse they’re doing a great job even if they’re having an off day. Give someone the benefit of the doubt. Ask if you can tie a pregnant woman’s loose shoelace.

You never know whose faith you can impact by doing something kind. Who knows, it may even be your own.


  1. Has someone ever shown you memorable kindness? What was that experience like?

  2. Do you struggle to see opportunities to show kindness, getting tunnel vision throughout your week? Ask God to give you eyes to see opportunities and the courage to seize them.


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