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she speaks recap

My first She Speaks is in the books!

Last Friday, I slowly made my way into a massive ballroom for the first session of She Speaks. I came here by myself, I thought. Surely there are other women who came here by themselves too. I scanned the room and found an empty seat at a large round table. Those girls look nice, I’ll sit by them. As I smiled and politely took my seat, I began to channel my inner befriender by asking names and hometowns.

Thank God, they’re nice. I can do this!

Over the course of two days, I listened to engaging speakers share their deep desire to equip women in ministry. I learned how to embrace being a woman of valor; a woman made in God’s image. I learned how to write content that packs a punch, and how to start incorporating more sticky statements into my work.

I was reminded that there’s something magical and holy about surrounding yourself with people who are chasing the same things you're chasing in life.

I watched women raise their hands in worship without one flinch of insecurity. There was one woman in particular who moved me the most - she was missing her right arm, but had her left arm up toward the sky throughout every song.

I also had the opportunity to pitch my book proposal! I had two appointments while I was at She Speaks - one was with a literary agent and one was with a publisher. Each writer had 15 minutes to go through their book proposal before the next person came in to take their seat. It was nerve-wracking! But I'm grateful for the experience and for the valuable feedback. I don’t have many answers yet, but I do feel called to continue writing. 😊

My brain and heart are full in the best way, and I will continue to unwrap and share what I’ve learned. I hope this encourages you – not only to keep chasing your dreams but to get out of your comfort zone too. You never know what incredible new friends and encouragements are waiting for you.

Love y’all.

*Bonus*: Lysa TerKeurst spilled the beans about her new book on forgiveness! Here are some of my favorite points:

  • Forgiveness is a complicated grace.

  • What your feelings will not allow, the blood of Jesus will surely cover.

  • Forgiveness is not about my determination, but my cooperation.


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