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remember to pause

Updated: May 14, 2018

Happy (almost) Easter, friends!

Today is going to be short and sweet!

Pausing during a holiday has been something I’ve really, really longed to get right lately. I can’t tell you how many Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and birthday celebrations I’ve attended where I’ve left feeling like it flew by me. My goal is to make missing out on sweet moments a thing of the past. I want to be present and remember to pause long enough to embrace each day, especially a day like Easter Sunday.

So, today is a reminder to pause this Easter. Take a moment to yourself. Take a moment to be thankful for something. Take a moment to reflect on Jesus' love for you. Take a moment to embrace sweet time with family and friends. Disconnect from your phone so you can connect with who is in front of you. I don’t want to look back on one more holiday feeling like I missed something, so if you’re in this with me, let’s all remember to pause this Easter.

I’m thankful for you and pray you have a joyful Easter weekend!



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1 Comment

Bob Patterson
Bob Patterson
Mar 29, 2018

Thanks, Excellent advice/suggestion.

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