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invest in yourself

Pump the Breaks, or as my husband has coined, “P the B’s”, is one of my favorite terms to use when describing someone or something that needs to slow down. I typically use this phrase when describing other people, but what I realized through reflecting on investing vs. spending time, is that I need to learn how to P the B’s too.

Jesus invested time in his 12, but he also invested time in his own well-being. He modeled the importance of rest by pulling away from crowds to be alone. I imagine he left people feeling confused, angry or upset when he left them to be in solitude. However, he knew he needed to restore in order to do the work his father called him to do. He wasn’t being selfish, he was being obedient. Jesus didn’t let the many, loud voices get in the way of hearing the one, most important voice; God’s. He wasn’t ashamed or afraid to P the B’s.

Jesus was in tune with his father and with his own needs, which helped him better serve other’s needs. I whole-heartedly believe we live our best life when we follow his model.

The quality of our time investments in others is determined by how much we invest in our relationship with the Lord, and in our own well-being. Meaning, we can’t give high quality love, attention and compassion to our 12 when we are running on E mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. You are a valuable, necessary part of your investments; you’re in your inner circle.

After praying through the idea of investing time in ourselves, I’ve realized it’s not as simple as getting enough sleep or eating healthy, although those things are vital to self-care. Manicures, vacations, quiet time, naps, a round of golf and exercise are examples of the many valuable ways we can invest in ourselves. We honor God when we take time to refuel.

However, I felt the Lord place on my heart the idea of deeper investing, beyond a nap or laying by the pool. He brought to my attention that investing in ourselves is not always easy all of the time; it can challenge us and take work.

Here are the questions I felt God place on my heart to consider when it comes to taking steps toward investing deeper in yourself:

  • Do you need to go to counseling to work through past issues, hurts or traumas? Mental health investments.

  • Do you need to quit a job, and/or start looking for something new?

  • Do you need to move to a new city for a fresh start?

  • Do you need to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you keeping them around out of convenience? Are you keeping them around out of a fear of being alone?

  • Do you need to distance yourself from a toxic, destructive family member or friend?

  • Do you need to add/remove activities from your work or social calendar to reflect the life God has called you to? Does your calendar look like you’re seeking approval from others or from the Lord?

  • Do you need to ask for help?

  • Do you need to invest time in nurturing a gift or talent like writing, building, photography, art, coaching etc.?

  • Is there anything in your life blocking your view of the Savior?

Investing in yourself means getting to a healthy place so you can thrive at a sustainable pace. Jesus did this. All of the above bullet points require us to step out of our comfort zones to examine our hearts and lives. When we answer the questions truthfully, and make the changes God has called us to make, we are saying yes to God and to ourselves; we’re being faithful. We honor God when we invest our time in the right people and places. That means you.

I think it’s important to remember God wants to invest in us every single day. He waits for us to look up. If the King of Kings, our heavenly Father, patiently and lovingly waits for your attention, don’t you think you’re worth giving yourself some love? Take the steps, create the space, and ask him what it is you need to do to invest deeper in yourself. Maybe one day it’s a nap. Maybe one day it’s counseling. Whatever it is for you, know you’re worthy of the time needed to P the B’s.

Teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Love y’all.


  • What are three ways you can P the B’s this week?

  • What do you need to do to invest in yourself over the next few days, weeks, or months?

  • How can you kindly separate yourself from a toxic person, job or group of people?

  • Since our days on earth are numbered, pray to gain a heart of wisdom when it comes to investing in yourself. (Psalm 90:12)


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