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Christmas Bible reading plan

Christmas time is finally here and I want to share a Bible reading plan with you!

As awesome as the Christmas season can be, it can also be distracting and stressful at times, right?

I know I should focus on Jesus, but I have a lot on my plate. I need someone to tell me where to go in my Bible or else I'll just stare at it.

If this sounds like you, you're not alone! The Rediscovering Christmas Bible reading plan (below) has helped me, and will hopefully help you, stay focused on the real reason we celebrate this season - Jesus!

So, here’s the deal.

This reading plan features daily scripture readings from December 1st – 25th centered on Jesus and His story.

Some days have longer readings than others, so I’ve gone through and noted which days you may need to allocate more time. I love to open my physical Bible as I read, but please feel free to use an app, the links below, or another online resource if that works better for you.

I pray this reading plan encourages your heart as you spend time reading about our Savior. I pray your heart and mind find rest. I pray His incredible story never grows dull, and that the joy of our salvation is continually renewed.

Grateful for you!

Rediscovering Christmas Reading Plan:

Dec 2: Matthew 1 *Allow extra time. The first 17 verses are the genealogy of Jesus, which might take a few extra minutes to follow.

Dec 7: Exodus 25 *Allow extra time.

Dec 11: Genesis 1, Isaiah 1:18, Psalm 51:1-10 *Allow extra time. This day is long!

Dec 13: Psalm 150 *Allow extra time.

Dec 15: Luke 1, Jeremiah 32:17 *Allow extra time.

Dec 18: Isaiah 58, Matthew 6:16-18 *Allow extra time.

Dec 19: Luke 11:1-13

Dec 20: John 1 *Allow extra time.

Dec 21: John 21:25

Dec 22: Psalm 100 *Allow extra time.

Dec 23: Matthew 25 *Allow extra time.

Dec 24: John 3:16

Merry Christmas!




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