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when you sit, you forfeit

A couple of weeks ago while I was coaching classes at Fit Factory Nashville, a gym member approached me after class and said, “Mandy, I know this may sound weird, but I feel like I need to tell you something.” Candidly, whenever I hear anyone say, “I need to tell you something” I get a little nervous. Don’t you? He told me he was wrestling with God all day on whether or not to approach me after class. Talk about a set-up, right?

This kind, thoughtful gym member told me that the Lord was nudging him to encourage me in my faith; to remind me that I have joy inside of me.

I almost cried puddles on the spot.

I don’t know about you, but there are certain days I feel like God is a million galaxies away. He says He will never leave us, and I believe Him, but there are days I don’t feel that truth. I was having a particularly tough time feeling the Lord’s presence; feeling spiritually depleted and low. But God reminded me of His constant presence through the words of this faithful friend. I’m so grateful.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the courage it takes to follow God, and the uncomfortable promptings He places on your heart. I know my gym friend felt uneasy approaching me after class – there were people everywhere, the music was loud, and everyone was grossly sweaty. But he didn’t sit back. He nervously, courageously did what the Lord was prompting him to do, and it was the exact encouragement I needed.

Here’s what the Lord has been placing on my heart: when you sit, you forfeit.

When I think about my regrets in life, they are centered around the things I didn’t do; they are centered around my forfeits. But here’s what I’m learning: stepping out in faith beats forfeiting a God-ordained opportunity any day of the week. You may be the precise tool God wants to use to start a church, grow a business or simply encourage someone.

What I love about God, is that even when we choose to forfeit, He doesn’t stop offering us opportunities to keep trying. He’s not a one-and-done kind of Father. His forgiveness, love, and mercy are unstoppable.

My hope in sharing this is to encourage you to take a step. Move toward Jesus today. Maybe He’s calling you to speak truth to a friend at your gym, office, or neighborhood. Maybe He’s calling you to put in your resignation letter, start a blog, or take a step toward your big, scary dream.

Whatever God places on your heart, why not go for it? God will help you where He leads you.

Remember, when you sit, you forfeit. Take a step.

Love y’all!


  • Read Matthew 14:22-31. Peter didn’t forfeit an opportunity to move toward Jesus. He doubted, and began to sink, but he’s the only apostle who got out of the boat. Do you think the other apostles (the ones who remained on the boat) regretted forfeiting an opportunity to step out in faith?

  • What holds you back from moving closer to what (or who) Jesus is calling you toward?


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