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water your roots

Do you have a “green thumb?”

I love plants and flowers, but growing and maintaining them? A whole different story. My husband, on the other hand, loves buying seasonal plants to water and grow.

He recently bought two large mums to fill cedar wood planters on our front porch. The mums are a combination of purple, yellow, and a deep shade of red that screams “fall” to anyone who walks up to our front door.

One cool morning, he noticed the mums losing their color, dried out, and in need of a drink. Instead of wateringthe plants from the outside in, he submerged theroots of the plants in buckets of water. In order for the mums to continue to flourish, he needed to watertheirroots.

I couldn’t help but relate to the mums on a much deeper spiritual level than I ever thought I could. They’re plants. What can they teach us about Jesus, right?

Turns out, they’re a tangible reminder in this fall season that we, as believers, operate in a similar fashion.

In order to flourish, we have to water our spiritual roots.

This “watering” can look different for everyone.

Uninterrupted quiet time.

Praying while you clean.


Reading scripture.

Writing what you're grateful for.

Listening to worship music while you feed your child.

Whatever fills your spirit with the peace and joy of the Lord is your nourishment, your “watering.”

This idea may seem like a “duh” concept, but for me, it’s a reminder I need as we enter into a potentially busy holiday season. Maybe you feel the same way.

Without filling ourselves with Jesus, watering our faith roots regularly, we are bound to deplete and dry out.

And who wants that, right?

You flourish when you nourish.

As you drive around your neighborhood, walk through the grocery store, or visit a festive pumpkin patch, let the flowers and mums be a reminder that your spiritual health is worth caring for.


  1. What nourishes your spiritual roots most?

  2. What sacrifices do you need to make to get the nourishment you need?


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