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the nfl draft & reverence

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The NFL Draft. This massive, flashy event Nashville hosted one year ago became a fully digital event this year due to COVID-19. Kyle and I tuned in with our friends, and watched with excitement as Roger Goodell announced the first-round picks. As we watched the night unfold, I couldn’t help but notice that the players were dressed casually compared to years past.

T-shirts, sweatpants, and even a robe were the outfits of choice. I get it, you’re at home, you want to be comfortable. I’ve been rocking sweatpants for the past two months! And, some players did dress up. Call me old-fashioned, but I missed seeing the bowties, shiny shoes, and snazzy suits walking the across the stage.

As we continued to watch each team make their selections, our friend brought up a word I haven’t heard in a long time. He said, “It feels like reverence is lost.” In no way was he saying the players and coaches weren’t or aren’t reverent people. He was simply making an observation. We know going out to buy a designer suit wasn’t in the cards this year – thanks COVID-19. But I’ve been thinking about that word, reverence. It’s not a word we hear every day, and I want to share a question I’ve been wrestling with:

What does reverence look like in 2020?

Our church is reading through the book of Joshua right now, and in Joshua 3 the Israelites miraculously crossed the Jordan River. Whenever Israel moved, a contingent of priests carried the Ark of the Covenant before them. In Joshua 3:2-4, the Israelite officers instructed their people to stay about a half mile behind the priests carrying the Ark. They stayed back because they were to acknowledge God’s holiness with reverence, respect, and awe.

There’s that word again. Reverence. A deep respect for someone or something.

As I’ve been processing what reverence looks like in my life, I’ve been thinking about how I treat people who I deeply respect and admire. I give them my full attention. I put my phone down. I listen. I approach them with humility. I do my best to be my best.

Do I show God this kind of reverence each day?

Reverence for God flows from a relationship with Jesus. In order to revere him, we have to trust him. God is teaching me that he leads from a half mile in front of us, but he’s also with us. He’s gone where we need to go; he’s sovereign. But he also promises to never leave us or forsake us. He’s touchable in the most untouchable way. It’s his holy infusion of love and leadership that spurs our reverence.

Reverence looks different in 2020 than it did when the Bible was written, but I think our reverence of God can remain steady. He is who he says he is; a Father who loves us, leads us, and knows us. We can approach God unashamed because of Jesus. Where once reverence looked like keeping distance because of how holy God is, now looks like an invitation to hold God near.

How can we show God reverence this week?

Love y'all - have a great day!


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