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praise God for partial blessings

Have you ever found yourself asking God for a blessing; begging him to open doors, to place someone in your path or to help you reach certain goals? Do you ever think: God, if you answer half of this prayer, I’ll be grateful?

No? Me neither. We want God to answer all of our prayer, not just part of our prayer! But I’m learning more and more that we can choose to praise God for every step of an answered prayer.

Kyle and I recently heard Mark Batterson (an author and pastor) preach about this idea. He said, “What we don’t turn into praise, turns into pride. Instead of holding onto disappointment when God doesn’t give you what you ask for, why not praise God every step of the way?”

This idea has hit home for me, and I want to encourage you with a story today.

Earlier this year, I pitched my first book proposal to an agent and a publisher at a women’s conference called She Speaks. The appointment with the agent was…let’s just say flat. No, it was bad. I totally whiffed. I was nervous, not myself, and rushed. Genre? What’s that? Do I even speak English right now?

The meeting was not what I had hoped for. The agent provided helpful feedback, but I walked out of the stark, silent meeting room asking myself, “What am I doing here? Why am I chasing this stupid dream of becoming an author?” My thoughts started spiraling down a mental staircase that pointed straight to defeat.

By the grace of God, I recovered from falling flat on my face and walked into my next appointment with the publisher. As I entered the meeting room, I was greeted by two smiling women. Oh thank you Jesus, they look nice. I introduced myself, took a seat, and handed the women my book proposal. That is when I met Susan.

Susan is full of joy. She is fiercely optimistic, a dream-champion, and a dream-chaser. Susan and I began to learn more about each other and realized how much we have in common. Turns out, Susan also lives in Nashville. We call that a “God nod” in our house.

Here’s the fun twist.

Throughout the She Speaks conference, I felt like the Lord was calling me to quit my corporate job. I didn’t have a book deal. I didn’t have another job lined up. I didn’t even have writing opportunities lined up, but God’s voice was clear. I left She Speaks and put in my two weeks’ notice.

Shortly after, I met with Susan back in Nashville and we talked for over two hours. Susan went over my book proposal and complimented my work, but encouraged me to develop myself in a couple of areas before I re-pitch my book.

Susan also invited me to be a part of her big, scary dream: God Girl Nation.

God Girl Nation is a women’s ministry created to mobilize, equip, and build a community of women who serve God together with contagious joy. I, along with a few other awesome women, get to launch God Girl Nation. Susan is giving me an opportunity to write, speak, and help plan God Girl Nation events. What a gift.

My point is this: I prayed for a book deal and I didn’t get a book deal. But God blessed me with Susan, God Girl Nation, incredible friendships, and more encouragement than I can comprehend sometimes.

Just because God doesn’t give us the entire blessing doesn’t mean we can’t praise him for each portion.

Maybe you haven't gotten all of what you prayed for yet, but I bet if you look closely, you’ll find goodness in what He has given you so far. What can you give thanks for today?

Every good and perfect gift is from above. Praise God for partial blessings.

Love y’all.


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