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persistence pays off

The desires of your heart could be right around the corner!

Is there something you’re tempted to quit praying for? That difficult person, confusing situation, or crazy dream?

I recently read an encouraging parable in Luke 18. Jesus began the story by telling His disciples, “that they should always pray and never give up” (verse 1, NLT). He illustrated His point by sharing a story about a widow who had been wronged, and gave an account of how she boldly, persistently approached a judge to make things right.

The judge ignored her, but that didn’t stop the widow from presenting her requests again and again. She persisted toward her goal. After a little while (we don’t know exactly how long), the judge stopped ignoring the widow, and granted her the justice she deserved.

When you feel like checking out, remember this: If an unkind, unjust judge answered the widow’s petitions, how much more will your loving Father answer your prayers according to His will? What if instead of giving up, God wants you to persevere?

Prayerful persistence builds godly perseverance.

Keep praying and never give up! You never know how close the answers to your prayers are.

How does the parable of the widow encourage you to remain persistent in your prayers? How does her story offer hope?


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