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moving to monthly

Hi friend!

I hope you’re doing well and that you’re getting ready for a fun summer ahead!

I wanted to share an important update about my weekly emails moving forward.

Beginning in June, I'll be sending monthly updates for the rest of 2022!

I don’t know about you, but taking a step back from important things is always tough for me. I love writing and connecting with each of you often, but with our baby girl due in July, I think monthly (as opposed to weekly) content will serve you and my family best in our new season of life!

I’ll pop into your inbox on the first Sunday of every month with a new devotional, save & share graphics, and a shot of joy or two. I’m hoping to include more giveaways as well as helpful resources that’ll encourage you in your faith throughout the month!

Thank you for supporting my writing journey and for your kindness throughout these life events! I’m grateful for you, and I’ll see you on the first Sunday of every month!




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