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mother's day: mom takeover!

Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Hello Palms of Joy friends! 😊 Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jean Snell and I am Mandy’s mom. When Mandy asked me to take over the blog to share what makes me feel alive in motherhood, I admit I was a little nervous, but honored at the same time. I am thankful for a child (yes, even at 30, she’s still my child!) who trusts in me and is willing to share me with her world. I am doubly blessed to have her brother who has also allowed me to open my heart to his friends and his world. So….am I alive through motherhood? Heck yes I am!

As I think about it, I realize I am alive as a mom because I was prepared for this role long before I became one. I also realize I can be a mom to others outside of my own two children. Now, as I look toward the future, I feel excited for the next chapter God has planned. I will be the first one to admit I am not perfect, and through all of this I am still learning.

One common lesson keeps being revealed to me over and over – to show unconditional love. Loving unconditionally can be a tall order sometimes, but practice makes it easier each time!

God Prepares Us – We are Female!

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a fan of country music. I recently heard Keith Urban’s new song, “Female” and I love it! Look at the lyrics below, we moms are all of these and more (OK, maybe not the scarlet letter!):

Sister, shoulder Daughter, lover Healer, broken halo Mother nature Fire, suit of armor Soul survivor, Holy Water Secret keeper, fortune teller Virgin Mary, scarlet letter Technicolor river wild Baby girl, women shine Female

God allows experiences at every stage of our lives to prepare us for the privilege of being a mother. Before we are moms, we are daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, girl - friends. One example for me is my role as a daughter, sister to a twin and two younger sisters, where I am the recipient of unconditional love. Growing up, my mom was a single mom who spread it around to all of us, which was not always easy. Five females in a small house with one bathroom had its challenges! I know for me, because I receive unconditional love as a daughter, even when I do not deserve it, I would not be able to give it.

You may not feel unconditional love from a mom, but what I know is we are God’s children too. He loves us unconditionally! All we have to do is receive it :) Be confident in this and share this love that is freely given.

Who are Moms Really?

One of the other lessons I learned, especially as my kids began school and activities, is you don’t have to give birth to be a mom! I am so grateful for all the mothers Mandy and Dougie have! They have been hugged, fed, cheered for, listened to and loved by so many awesome women. It really does take a village! I am super blessed because I can and will do the same for their friends and loved ones. It blesses my heart any time they call me mom! The beauty of this is we all have opportunities to be a mother to someone in our daily lives, just be open to it. The reward is in seeing we make a difference with even the smallest act of kindness.

As I get older, I feel more alive in motherhood than ever especially with adult children. They will always be my children. They are a precious gift. The other thing I learned is that as tightly as we want to hold on to this gift, we need to let them go to find their own experiences. Not easy! Our hope is they take the best of what we showed them and make it better knowing they are loved no matter what.

Thanks Mandy for letting me share! Happy Mother’s Day to ALL moms!


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