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identity in Christ

A few weeks ago, Kyle and I were presented with an unexpected opportunity to potentially move from Nashville to North Carolina. When Kyle told me about the opportunity, I went into full-blown panic mode. I immediately wanted to turn down the offer, and selfishly thought about everything I’d lose if we were to pack up our home and move to a new city. I was crushed at the thought of leaving my job, my friends, our church, our gym and literally anything else I could think of that I love in Nashville. Tears of sadness started rolling down my cheeks like my tear ducts were a faucet. It wasn’t my finest wife moment!

Do you ever feel like you’re mature in your faith, and then something happens in your life and you revert back to a teenager or less mature version of yourself? That is how I felt like I reacted in this situation.

After processing the idea of moving, I realized God was using this opportunity to grab my attention. He reminded me that my identity is not found in the multiple hats I wear in Nashville – the ones I panicked about giving up. My value is not found in being a Hershey’s employee, a coach, a volunteer, a writer or a friend. My identity is found in Christ. If all of my hats are removed, I still have the most important, secure one I’ll ever wear – the one that says His. Whether Kyle and I move or stay in Nashville forever, we are both under the careful, loving provision of our Heavenly Father. If you’re a believer, this goes for you too.

I’m sure you’ve heard this message before, but I want to remind you of how valuable you are, just as you are. There are a million and one things that compete for your attention, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in placing your identity in being a parent, employee, boss or student. It’s also easy to place your value in what you’re not yet – you’re not married, you’re not a parent yet, and so on. But I’m here to remind you that with Jesus as your Savior you are complete. You are chosen, loved, a new creation, the salt of the earth – His plan A. With Easter just a few days away, I encourage you to remember who you are with all of your hats removed. You are securely, without a doubt, His.

Love y’all.

And PS we aren’t moving! 😊


  • Do you find yourself placing your identity in the roles you fulfill?

  • If all of your hats are removed, are you confident in your identity as a believer?

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Jean Snell
19 kwi 2019

Thank you for sharing! This is a gift on a weekend where we remember the greatest gift! Happy Easter! ❤️

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