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gratitude challenge!

Last Sunday marked 40 days until Thanksgiving – can you believe that?! Kyle & I often write and say what we are thankful for, but Mark Batterson (an author and pastor) pushed us to dive deeper last week. His challenge was to write 3 things we’re grateful for each day, but each day has to be different. No repeats until Thanksgiving!

Y’all – my gratitude list can get super generic at times! I write things like: Kyle, Dolly, coffee, chocolate, and sunshine almost every single day. Do you do this too? We’re grateful for these things, of course, but I think there’s more. The deeper we drill down, the deeper our gratitude becomes.

Kyle and I are going to try this until Thanksgiving - want to join? What are 3 things you can praise God for today & why?

Love y'all,



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