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silence your inner people pleaser

We all have roles to fill, but not every role is ours to fill.

I remember the tension building in my chest. A close friend asked me to help her, and candidly, I didn’t want to say yes.

After a few minutes, the voice of my pesky, inner people pleaser made her appearance.

I’d be selfish to say no.

I’m called to serve - she’s my friend.

We’re supposed to carry each other’s burdens, right? Come on, be nice.

So, I told my friend I’d help her. I added one more item to my already full plate, and it didn’t taste good.

Have you been here before?

Acts 6 tells us about a time when the apostles faced a similar decision of whether or not to add to their already full plates. The Greek-speaking believers at the time were complaining about the Hebrew-speaking believers, claiming their widows were being discriminated against in the daily distribution of food.

This dispute created division in the church that needed to be handled, but by who?

The apostles recognized the problem and genuinely showed concern, but they didn’t take on the responsibility themselves. They empowered the believers to select seven wise, Spirit-filled men who could handle the food distribution appropriately.

The apostles’ discernment, delegation, and wise handling of this issue freed them to use their gifts, and the other believers to use theirs!

We would never read this piece of scripture and call the apostles selfish or insensitive for delegating, would we? Of course not! The apostles recognized that we all have roles to fill, but not every role is ours to fill.

God empowers us to make choices that most align with the specific Kingdom work He’s placed on our hearts. It’s okay to say no, to delegate, and to tell that pesky, inner people pleaser that she needs to calm down.

How can you best serve in your role today? Are you taking on a role that isn’t meant for you?


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